A peaceful and prosperous Philippines where people live in freedom and in
harmony with one another and nature

To use the power of communication, education, and humanitarian assistance to promote peace and prosperity among the most disadvantaged sectors of Philippine society; to create understanding and respect among all ethnic and religious groups in the Philippines; and to ensure that all citizens of the Philippines have the opportunity to attain justice, security, and prosperity for their families and communities in a democratic system.

  • To win the hearts and minds of the Philippine people in the struggle against poverty, intolerance, and extremism through personal and community development and communication.

  • To enhance the effectiveness of government programs and private sector and non-governmental initiatives to build commitment to peace, prosperity, good governance, and quality education for all in the Philippines.


  • To encourage youth to seek their aspirations through democratic processes in mainstream society;
  • To counter extreme ideologies and religious teachings that promote disintegration and terrorism; and
  • To assist the Philippine government, NGO's, and the private sector in communicating effectively with disaffected Filipinos and promote integration into society while respecting religious beliefs and cultural differences.

  • The Philippines is rich in resources and the country should reflect that wealth. Poverty can be eliminated.
  • Democratic practice and good governance can create opportunities for the young and disaffected to fulfill their aspirations in Philippine society.
  • Fighting poverty is in the best interest of every Filipino's and in the interest of prosperity and stability in the Philippines.
  • A prosperous and peaceful society is possible and desired by every Filipino.
  • Providing education and skills training to Filipinos are essential for creating a stable, secure and prosperous Philippines .
  • Communication is a strategic tool for instilling democratic values, promoting national identification, creating opportunities, and giving people the knowledge and skills to better their lives in a democratic society.