In response to natural disasters and in keeping with its mission to conduct humanitarian assistance to marginalized sectors of society, 3P Foundation embarked on an assignment to bring humanitarian and medical relief aid to the typhoon victims in Infanta and Real in Quezon province and war-torned areas in Mindanao.

The Foundation for Peace and Prosperity in the Philippines (3P Foundation), through its President, Sultan Armando de Rossi has already established a remarkable sense of duty in helping our fellow Filipinos. Conducting massive rehabilitative, medical and humanitarian missions in areas affected by war and natural disasters.

3P Foundation believes in communicating the good news happening all around the country, as these stories of hope can help uplift the spirit of Filipinos and enable them to see that we can all work together to make this country a better place to live in. Through help from its partners and supporters, 3P Foundation is confident prosperity can be achieved, and the cultural divide that has long undermined the reality of peace can be overcome.

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