3P Foundation and Progetti Plant Italy in cooperation of Municipality of San Remegio, Bantayan Island Cebu - February 2014
  3P Foundation Relief and Medical Mission in cooperation of Philippine Marines - August 2013
  3P Foundation Help young girl from Laguna - July 2012
  Relief Disaster Mission for the Victims of Typhoon Ondoy - October 2009

Armando de Rossi and the Mercy Mission Team

- June 2008

  Pacific Partnership brings People together to help a Young Boy -June 2008
  3P Foundation provided cows for the people of Patikul, Sulu -April 6,2008
  $105,000 donation to the City Hospital of Zamboanga of medical supplies and formal turnover of 1 ambulance -September, 2007
  3P Foundation inaugurates Coop in Jolo, Sulu -March 2007
  Signing of Memorandum of Aggreement and turnover of donations to the City of Zamboanga -March 2007
  US NGO grants P5.5M med supplies to city - March 20,2007
  Donation of $125,000 worth of Medical and Hospital Supplies to the provincial hospital of sibugay province -March 2007
  3P Foundation donates Dental and Medical Supplies -January 14, 2007
  14 Ambulances Donation for Mindanao -October 18, 2006
  Reconstruction of Panglima Estino School  Mission -March 15, 2006
  Adopt Brgy. Pansul Daycare Center Mission -March 14, 2006
  Water Irrigation Mission at Patikul, Sulu -March 13, 2006
  Encyclopedias for Maimbung National High School Mission -March 13, 2006
   Roofing of Laundry Area of Zamboanga Orphanage -March 12, 2006
  Computers for Maimbung National High School Mission -February 28, 2006
  Bonbon Patikul School Mission -December 12, 2005
  Joint 3PF and JSOTF, Reconstruction of Southcom Elementary School Mission ralph lauren sweatpants ralph lauren duvet covers polo ralph lauren sunglasses lauren by ralph lauren dresses long sleeve prom dresses elegant evening dresses vintage style bridesmaid dresses silver cocktail dress vintage cocktail dress -September 7, 2005
  Panamao Housing Project -August 28, 2005
  Joint RP-US Medical and Dental Civic Action Program -August 23, 2005
  Books for Panglima Agca Central School Mission -August 22, 2005
  Tawi - Tawi Mission -August 8, 2005
  Fort Bonifacio Army General Hospital -August 7, 2005
  Joint RP-US Project Bayanihan -August 1, 2005
  Zamboanga Mission -July 15-21, 2005
  Peace and Prosperity Essay Contest -July 15, 2005
  MILF Yield to Groups -July 8, 2005
  Zamboanga Orphanage Mission -June 4, 2005
  Malabang Medical Mission -May 18-19, 2005
  Maragondon, Cavite "3rd Adopted Baranggay Visit" -May 8, 2005
  Parang Relief Mission -March 18, 2005
  Tamparan, Lanao del Sur Humanitarian Mission -March 1-15, 2005

Jolo Refugees Camp Relief Humanitarian Mission

-February 28, 2005
  Jolo, Sulu Humanitarian Mission -Feb. 25-28, 2005
  Panamao, Sulu District Hospital Medical Mission -February 23, 2005
  Reconstrucion of Mosque Mission -February 16, 2005
  Real - Infanta Mercy Flyout Mission -Dec. 11-22, 2004
  Reconstruction of Rural Health Center -June 20, 2005
  Reconstruction of Panglima Agca Central School -June 15, 2005
  Reconstruction of Jolo Elementary School -May 30, 2005
  Reconstruction of Bonbon Patikul School Mission  
  Reconstruction of an Abandoned Police Station